"F is for... Fundamental”

Focused on a luxurious lifestyle in the broadest range of areas of interest, from fashion to various types of art, not to mention beauty, travel and prominent personalities, F Magazine Luxury is aimed at a highly demanding audience that places a high value on information and the latest trends.

 Positioned in the “premium” publishing segment, F Magazine Luxury seeks to highlight the key elements of a sophisticated lifestyle, combining the quality of the most exclusive content with the latest trends.

 With one foot in Portugal and the other in Angola, its primary purpose is to focus on the reader, highlight and promote the regions of Portugal and Angola, as well as their most prestigious companies.



With select distribution that consists of only four “prime” editions, F Magazine Luxury has been created to encourage both countries to engage in a cultural and commercial exchange.

Carefully designed down to the smallest detail, it aims to bring to its readers the most renowned and distinguished brands in the exclusive world of fashion and beauty, watchmaking and jewellery, hospitality and interior design, offering rich, interesting, unique and innovative content.


“Premium” distribution

In addition to direct selling at newsagents’ in Portugal and Angola, F Magazine Luxury can be found at hotels, spas and business lounges.

 F Magazine Luxury is available online by this site, through an app for IOS and Android and also in the social networks.


Editorial Statute

F Magazine is a magazine oriented to the modernity of its readers, seeking to generate their interest in promoting healthy life. F Magazine addresses topics related to lifestyle, seeking to spread trends, whether they are fashionable, or the interior and exterior decoration of your home. The new trends are proposed to readers, always focusing on increasing their quality of life. F Magazine intends to promote positivism in its readers. Positive people are healthier and happier. F Magazine is aimed at men and women with active professional lives, but also for those who want to make better use of the time they have when they do not have an occupation. F Magazine actively follows deontological and ethical rules in the area where it operates.

Cascais, July 16th, 2015




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