The designation of “electric” is used when to adjectivate a car has already been synonymous with uninteresting, slow, devoid of character, bad design, lack of autonomy ... in short, a Japanese crate made of plastic and glass, in which no driver would like to be seen, unless it were a militant ecologist. But for those who haven’t been paying attention, here's a tip: we are facing the imminent end of fossil fuel cars, making electric cars, of course, nothing more than the future of the automotive industry. All major brands are betting on electric cars or, initially, hybrid versions, bringing to the public countless futuristic prototypes and concept cars of fully electric models.
More economical, less polluting and... quieter, we leave here some news that have conquered the market of electric cars and others that are literally cars of the future.

Some refer to it as “the world's fastest car”. According to Elon Musk, founder of the brand, the Tesla Model S P100D can be as fast as a Ferrari LaFerrari and can even beat for 0.2 seconds a Porsche 918 Spyder. It is the first 100% electric model with the capacity to cover about 600 km and brings all kind of technological innovations. This luxury sedan features an elegant design in accordance with the other models of the brand.

Cadillac continues to focus on innovation and is one step closer to a fully sustainable model. For now, there's the launch of the new Cadillac CT6 Plug-in, a hybrid that combines technological precision with sustainability and brand-name elegance. The Cadillac CT6 Plug-in with 335 hp comes equipped with an 360 degrees viewing camera, wireless charging for smartphones, among other features that aim for the comfort and safety of passengers.

A new and more powerful version of the Porsche Panamera is presented in a hybrid plug-in version with no less than 680 hp, making it the most powerful model in the range. With an ergonomic and sporty interior, here you will find a scenario of authentic luxury, very characteristic of the brand, with all the comfort whether for a short or long trip.

With an exterior worthy of Italian manufacturers and an interior that is not due to the traditional English finishes, comes Karma Revero. Its 408 hp and almost 500 km of autonomy melt any resistance that could still persist in relation to electric vehicles, especially when you have this extraordinary look and details such as leather upholstery in natural color and applications of genuine wood, in a passenger compartment that transmits a elegance and an environment that is not “electric”.

With sales expected for the second half of 2018, this is undoubtedly a car worth the wait. More than a prototype, the Jaguar I-PACE is the promise of a 100% electric vehicle with all the luxury, comfort and wow factor of any other brand vehicle. With an amazing range of 500 km, and a futuristic and striking design, the brand promises space, comfort and functionality with all the luxury and refinement expected of it.

With launch scheduled for 2018, we present you a new version of the Bentley Bentayga SUV but... in hybrid. This is the first model of the genre of the prestigious English brand. As far as its exterior is concerned, it will share the same design traits with the original; already in terms of mechanics, it is believed that the technology will be borrowed from Porsche. In any case, nothing less is expected than an elegant, luxurious and, above all, powerful SUV.

Another concept car scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, Audi plans a new hybrid model with a highly innovative character. The brand promises to make road mobility a sustainable and stimulating eletcric mobility, starting with the prototype Audi E-tron Sportback that will have a range of about 500 km. An attractive, sporty and refined design makes this one of the cars to look forward to.

This is the true concept car of the future, but it will not go on sale in the near future. It has 750 hp and autonomy for 500 km, with a special loader that recovers 100 km of autonomy in just 5 minutes. It's possibly the most luxurious convertible in the world. For now, it is a mere exercise in style and elegance, but it may, in the distant future, produce a commercial version.

8 january 2018




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