Fusing its renowned minimalist design with a bold statement of natural green color, the Bang & Olufsen "Harmonies" collection combines a selection of five wireless speakers in a breathtaking tone. As domestic utilities become bolder and more colorful, this latest interpretation brings new life to existing products and shows their versatility, as they fit into modern living spaces more than ever. The new organic green tone accentuates this trend, offering gratifying shades that change in brightness depending on the perspective, reflections and light intensities.

This new limited edition "family" draws parallels with nature and music, where different elements form a pleasing alignment as well as a complete ecosystem. They are not only aesthetically aligned but also technically perform a perfect symbiosis. The wireless speaker system offers multiroom functionality, which allows devices to play contrasting music in different rooms or alternatively plug in to synchronize with one another.

Controlled through mobile applications, this outstanding sound performance is delivered to us with optimal connectivity as they can be placed wherever you want in the home environment.

10 january 2018




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