Discover the best tea houses, whether for a cozy afternoon or to buy the finest varieties of tea available on the market. A range of aromas and flavors that can make you travel to distant places without leaving the site. In addition to warming up the spirit, this millenarian warm beverage contains therapeutic properties. The benefits are vast, from the relaxing and revitalizing effects, to those who are antioxidants or symptom relievers. 


Mariage Frères, Paris, France 

Founded in 1854, this is one of the most traditional shops in Paris and in the world. Dedicated exclusively to the tea and spice trade, the Mariage Frères tea house has a museum on the top floor, where you can imbibe all the knowledge about the origin of the tea. The massive wooden shelves add a noble and exquisite touch to the décor, but, above all, they keep the 600 flavors available to suit all tastes. 


Palm Court, London, England 

The stunning Palm Court is famous for being the place where the afternoon tea tradition was born over 150 years ago. This magnificent tea room is located within the 5-star Langham Hotel. Its beauty is inescapable covered by majestic stained glass. The traditional afternoon tea is served here, where more than 30 varieties stand out, always accompanied by scones and sweets.


Serralves Tea House, Porto, Portugal

If the Museum of Contemporary Art, the House and the Park are not enough reasons to visit Serralves, now it has another one: the Tea House. This charming building surrounded by the beautiful gardens of Serralves is perfect for those who seek to warm their stomach while contemplating nature. You can spend a lovely afternoon having tea with scones or cakes. The teas menu features about 20 varieties and there is always tea of ​​the day. One of the great highlights of this house goes to the Porto Wine Touch, black tea with raisins of Port wine.


The Wolseley, London, England 

The Wolseley is one of London's most famous tea houses. Open to the public since 1921, it offers an exquisite afternoon tea, where you can enjoy an elegant afternoon tea, accompanied by a variety of pastries, fruit and mini sandwiches. The decor is classic and elegant, whose British label can not be missed. 


Caj Chai Teahouse, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Located in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, the Caj Chai Teahouse has 140 varieties of this ancient drink, including some of the world's most luxurious teas, from far-flung sites such as China, Japan, Nepal, India, among many others. The purpose of this home is simple and charming: share your passion with those who want to learn more about the tea world. And so they organize workshops, courses and tasting events. You can also enjoy to see the selection of handmade accessories available in store. 


The English Tea Room, London England 

Even the Queen Victoria of England came to have her afternoon tea in this exquisite hall. Located within the Browns Hotel, The English Tea Room is still today a favorite place for afternoon tea. You can choose your favorite in over 17 teas - including Brown's own blend - and a selection of sandwiches, cookies, cakes and sweets. The decor blends in perfectly between tradition and modern, with original wood paneling, antique fireplaces and contemporary art.

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