The mythical monogram of Louis Vuitton celebrates 120 years. The delicate design inspired by the four-petal flower pattern was created in 1896 in the family kitchen in Asnières. Later, in 1954, Georges Vuitton, son of Louis Vuitton updated the brand insignia, where he added the founder initials, an L and a V interlaced. The monogram lasts more than a century, eternally young, infallibly modern and world-renowned. It has become a symbol of excellence, a signature of the French savoir-faire

Reconciling rigorous classicism with extravagant journeys of fantasy, it tirelessly pushes the boundaries of the pattern. Throughout its years it has been through several reinterpretations in limited editions and exclusive series. In 2017, the monogram is more magnificent than ever. 

The new Manhattan bag created in City of Light and inspired on the City Never Sleeps is part of the Monogram collection. This new bag is available in three different colors and textures and brings us the best of the elegant and versatile luxury allied to the handmade tradition to which Louis Vuitton has always accustomed us.May it continue for a long time being the canvas of our dreams!

5 december 2017

By: Tânia Sitoe




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